Gomal Damaan Area Water Plantation (GDAWP) had been working for the awareness raising and capacity building for the water conservation, IWRM, climate change impacts, its resilience and mitigation among the local communities. It works through active advocacy with the local activist and young generation for building a Water Secured world and climate change resilience communities.


Gomal Damaan Area Water Plantation (GDAWP) works for the provision of safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and improved hygiene among poor communities. Most of the time it work from donation of its team. Following are some projects which GDAWP had already installed in the local communities.

  • Provision of Three water filtration plants:      NDMA/SELF FINANCE
  • Provision of five Bio Gas plants:                       PWP/SELF FINANCE
  • Installation of Five Hand pumps:                     SELF FINANCE


Brigadier ® Muhammad Aslam Khan

Brigadier ® Muhammad Aslam Khan holds a unique blend of senior management experience acquired through various military and civil appointments.  Professional experience stretches to over 44 years, including 28 years in Army. An MBA and a Master’s degree holder in Political Science, he has also attended a number of professional trainings/courses abroad. Brig Aslam has a proven track record of exhibiting exceptional performance at top management positions in various national level organizations.

Brig ® Muhammad Aslam Khan has diversified experience of water, development, energy and security sectors. He served as the Chief Executive of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) from 1998 to 2001 and was instrumental in FESCO’s turnaround, through financial and management reforms, improving the financial performance of the company. He has the honor of being one of the pioneer Directors of National Commission for Human Development (NCHD), supporting its founding Chairman/Minister of State, Dr. Nasim Ashraf in setting up NCHD’s offices across various districts of Pakistan and effectively implementing its operations from 2002 to 2006.

Apart from that he has held the esteemed Joint Secretary Political Affairs position at PM sectt, where he proficiently carried out monitoring of development projects at KP province. As General Manager at Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) from 2007 to 2012, he facilitated in smooth conduct of operational and exploration activities at various blocks of MPCL across Pakistan. He was able to execute company’s operations without any hindrance, avoiding any major security or safety incident. From 2012 to 2014 worked as Security Advisor with CDM Smith/CIDA and facilitated in smooth conduct of activities and close out.

Aslam, over the years, has developed immense expertise in the water sector of Pakistan and has been advocating at International & national forums, water related issues faced by this country and possible solutions to overcome those. Was instrumental in construction of GomalZam Dam and is strong supporter of Kala Bagh Dam He is a member of the prestigious International Water Association (IWA), World Water Council (WWC), Global Water Partnership (GWP), Director Pakistan Water Partnership (PWP) since 2003. He established GomalDamaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) in his native town   DIKhan and holds the position of President. GDAWP is, mandated to work with the provincial/federal government, advocating people’s right to safe drinking water, efficient use of canals’ water for drinking and irrigation, creation of small dams for irrigation, storage and energy purposes.

He has represented Pakistan at International and National forums, and presented papers related to ‘Pakistan Water Shortage and Possible Solutions’. Brigadier ® Muhammad Aslam Khan has developed a reputation of one of Pakistan’s most sound and capable Water Specialists through his years of research in the field and working with the provincial & federal governments to overcome our water related challenges through relevant key strategic positions he has held.


Mr. Muhammad Raza Ali Gandapur


I would like to introduce myself to your good self in connection with a matter of concerned to everybody. I have done my Master Degree in Public Administration with Specialization in Industrial Management. I participated in many Seminars and short-term courses in Philippines. I am enrolled for Ph.D. studies in the field of Development Administration.

The World has become a global village. We share many things in common. The development and growth in one part of the world has tremendous effect on the overall conditions of the rest of the world. Having this in mind when, I came back to my country Pakistan and witnessed that people here are confronting with many problems. I believe poverty, hunger and disease are a few of them to be mentioned here, and shortage of water resources is the mother of all problems of this region.

My immediate mission is to create awareness of this serious issue among the bureaucrats, politicians and other related people of my country. Raising awareness among decision makers, media and affected people is also of critical concern to me. It is important to compensate the plight of those who are most affected by the water crises.

I hope in collaboration with international organizations we can alleviate these crises and mitigate negative effects. In this connection I have started my mission which was “We can reach those who have not been reached, include those who have not yet been included and listen those who have not been heard” this is the message; I want to convey to the people of my country- Pakistan and the people abroad.

To produce more food and raw martial for the industry, to create more jobs for reducing  extreme poverty, hunger and also promote globe peace in the region. In this connection we need genuine leadership, the sign of true and genuine leadership is not a matter of individual performance; it must stand on solid rock of trust, respect and joint effort. Further it also requires understanding that you’re not acting as an individual but you represent the collective effort or there’s no limit to what you can achieve as long as you don’t give a damn who gets the credit.

I started just on zero resources but after five consecutive years when I looked back, I could see a genuine well-wishers’ team, which I had organized on my personal efforts. I was working in Research and Development sector voluntarily on my own personal resources.

Some of my work / achievements could be referred as under: I embarked upon my work in 2000 on a Project of Prosperity & Well Being for the People of this Region, GomalZam Dam. In this connection, I Submitted latest Data on GomalZam Dam to the World Commission on Dams which they have been acknowledged and included GomalZam Dam latest Data in their website for submissions in this hope that it will be discovered by parties to whom it may be useful Serial No: OPT192.


Biography of Muhammad Wasif Bashir Babar

Mr. Muhammad Wasif Bashir Babar is son of soil of Pakistan and a very energetic young professional & Researcher in the field of Water, Ecological Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) Climate Change, Ecosystem, and Disaster Risk Reduction. He hold Master of Science (MS) degree in Environmental Science with specialization on “Sustainable Water Sanitation Health & Development” while Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology with Specialization of Civic Engagement and Good Governance. He had been working in social & WASH development sector since 2008 with diversified national & international Research & humanitarians organizations. He is youth motivator and working to engage the young professionals in achieving the global commitments on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda 2030 especially for SDGs 5, 6 & 13.

Mr. Babar is an Active Member of World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW), Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water (APYPW). He is leading Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water (PYPW) as its Founder & President which is South Asian Regional secretariat of World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW).  He had been playing his role like Youth Ambassador, Speaker, Focal Person, Presenter, Researcher, Emerging Scholar & water Leaders at different high level forms/summits and conferences at different countries especially at Spain, Vietnam, South Korea, Tajikistan, USA and Sweden. He was awarded high potential awards especially Outstanding Youth Award (OYA) by general Secretary of Korea Water Forum in 2015 and Award of Excellency by His Excellence former Prime Minister of Tunisia during 1st World Youth Summit for Peace at Islamabad December 2016.

Mr. Babar played very active role in the developing the International Youth Strategy of International Secretariat for Water (ISW) by participating in the second consultative workshop on 13th June 2017 at Paris. He also played his role as a facilitator to organize the Central Asia Youth Workshop on Water at Astana during EXPO 2017 from 15th June to 21st June 2017. He moderated a session on Climate Change and Youth Vision to Combat its Challenges during Under 30 Changemakers Youth Summit at New York City USA on 9th September 2017 and hold official meetings with different partners organization for the youth empowerment in water and climate change sector at USA in September 2017.


Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) has its best outreaching locally,
nationally and globally. Following are the some addition of its outreach.

Stockholm World Water Week (Sweden).

7th World Water Forum (2015- South Korea).

XVIth World Water Congress (Cancun-2017).

Korea International Water Forum (KIWF-2017).